WT-NMP - portable Nginx Mysql Php development stack for Windows

A portable, preconfigured, lightweight, fast and stable server stack for developing php mysql applications on windows, based on the excellent webserver Nginx. Just unzip and start developing!

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Release History Nginx MySQL PHP Php Extensions
wt-nmp-14.03 Installer 1.5.11 5.6.16 5.4.25 & 5.5.9 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-14.03 Zip 1.5.11 5.6.16 5.4.25 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-14.01 Installer 1.5.8 5.6.15 5.4.24 & 5.5.8 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-14.01 Zip 1.5.8 5.6.15 5.4.24 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-13.12 Installer 1.5.7 5.6.15 5.4.23 & 5.5.7 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-13.12 Zip 1.5.7 5.6.15 5.4.23 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-13.10 1.4.3 5.6.14 5.4.21 & 5.5.5 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-13.09 1.4.2 5.6.13 5.3.27 & 5.4.19 & 5.5.3 opcache xdebug xcache
wt-nmp-13.07.31 1.4.2 5.6.13 5.4.17 xcache
wt-nmp-13.06.09 1.4.1 5.6.12 5.4.16 xcache

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wt-nmp-14.03 : - added the latest versions of Nginx, MySQL, PHP, adminer

wt-nmp-14.01 : - added the latest versions of Nginx, MySQL, PHP - server manager remembers the last php version and number of php processes used - better support for multiple development environments on the same OS

wt-nmp-13.12 : - Start servers with windows checkbox - Installer

wt-nmp-13.10 : - added the latest versions of Nginx, MySQL, PHP - added command line option -l --latestPhp - changed mysql connection string from 'localhost' to '' to prevent 1 second delay on windows 8

wt-nmp-13.09 : - added PHP 5.5.3 allongside 5.4.19 and 5.3.27 - added opcache xdebug Php Extensions - in the server manager you can choose from multiple PHP versions - added PSPad free text editor

wt-nmp-13.07.31 : - added the latest versions of Nginx, MySQL, PHP, XCache - Xcache is loaded but disabled by default - added msmtp (sendmail alternative for windows) and php mail() tester - Fixed a few config bugs

wt-nmp-13.06.09 : - WT-NMP is now truly portable, the wt-nmp.exe server manager updates configuration files automatically after mooving to a new location - MySQL data dir is moved from distribution dir mysql-/data to wt-nmp basedir in order for database data to be persistent during upgrades - removed command line option -w --warningsDisabled - renamed command line option -p --phpProcesses to -p --phpCgiServers - renamed nginx additional config files to nginx..conf - moved all executables in /bin - added a few icons to the server manager - added MySQL Database daily backups --backup

wt-nmp-13.04.23 : - added the latest versions of Nginx, MySQL, PHP - wt-nmp.exe now has a debug logBox and close button - all configuration files were moved to C:/wt-nmp/conf to allow easy upgrades - reg.php has a new look.


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